Kamov talks of developing Ka-62-based naval helicopter

JSC Kamov, a subsidiary of Rostec’s Russian Helicopters holding, has alluded to developing a naval version of its latest Ka-62 utility helicopter, the prototype of which made its maiden flight on 25 May.

A prototype of the Ka-62 utility helicopter made its maiden flight on 25 May. (Russian Helicopters)A prototype of the Ka-62 utility helicopter made its maiden flight on 25 May. (Russian Helicopters)

“We do not see a problem with it,” said the company’s general designer, Sergei Mikheev, at the HeliRussia 2017 exhibition in Moscow on 26 May. “We just need to know the ships for which the helicopter would be intended. The ship has yet to be chosen.”

At HeliRussia 2017 a video presentation with an image of a naval Ka-62 under the designation Ka-65 was shown. Unlike the Ka-62, the Ka-65 would be fitted with a station in the lower part of the hull under the crew cabin, side-mounted hardpoints for anti-submarine missiles, as well as folding main rotor blades and tail.

Specifications given for the Ka-65 included a passenger capacity of 12, a crew of three, a cruising speed of 290 km/h, a hover ceiling of 3,200 m, a practical ceiling of 6,100 m, an endurance of 3.8 hours, and a range of 720 km.

Mikheev, who pointed out that the Ka-65 designation was provisional, added that a military variant of the Ka-62 might spark the interest of potential foreign customers.

“A helicopter of such a type transports 10-12 persons or a squad. I suppose that it will attract the interest of defence buyers and export deliveries of the [Ka-62] military variant are probable,” Mikheev said.

Russian Helicopters Director General Andrey Boginskiy said the conglomerate was initially planning to offer the civil Ka-62 to Brazil, China, India, and Mexico. “First of all, there are the countries that conduct hydrocarbon operations in the shelf area: [the states of] the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil. We suppose that our Chinese and Indian colleagues will also pay attention,” he said.

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