Stinger missiles intercept drones in a first with new fuzes

Raytheon Stinger anti-air missiles equipped with new proximity fuzes successfully intercepted two unmanned airborne systems for the first time, according to the company.

Proximity fuzes allow missiles to destroy targets by making contact or by detonating in close range to the target.

“Stingers are usually loaded with direct impact warheads, which is appropriate for larger targets such as cruise missiles and aircraft,” said Kim Ernzen, vice president of Raytheon’s land warfare systems product line. “The new proximity fuze gives ground forces the ability to engage small, elusive targets using a proven, familiar system.”

A lightweight, self-contained air defense system, the Stinger can be rapidly deployed by ground troops. The Stinger weapon system has been proven effective in combat during four major conflicts, is utilized by all U.S. military branches and has been deployed in 18 countries.

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