US Soldiers demonstrate power and lethality in field artillery exercise

A Chinook helicopter flown by a crew from 1st Armored Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade kicks up dust as soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 3rd Artillery Regiment, Division Artillery, 1st Armored Division clear the pickup zone September 20, 2017 at Oro Grande Range Complex, New Mexico. 2-3 FA conducted sling load operations as part of their two gun raid exercise. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Thomas Calvert)

ORO GRANDE RANGE, N.M.: Power. Power and lethality are what artillery crewmen assigned to M777 howitzers feel every time they pull the cord to send a round up to 15 miles downrange. Every outgoing shot feels like a shockwave, and the boom is deafening.


Nerve and precision are…

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