500th F-35 pilot takes to the sky

October 5, 2017 (by Asif Shamim) – The Air Force trained and graduated the 500th F-35 Lightning II pilot across the joint and international enterprise September 19, 2017, at Eglin Air Force Base.

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Capt. Michael Slotten, 61st FS F-35 student pilot, climbs into an F-35 Lighting II at Luke AFB on July 7, 2017. Slotten dropped GBU-12 Paveway II bombs for his first time from the F-35 during training at the Barry M Goldwater Range. [USAF photo by SSgt. Jensen Stidham]

Maj. Chris Campbell, 461st Flight Test Squadron director of operations, is an F-16 Fighting Falcon test pilot with more than 1,000 fighter hours and 245 combat hours. He…

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